How to Login Paypal Account - login

Websites (November 06, 10:50 PM)

Paypal is a popular and reliable e-business service that empowers individuals and businesses to send and accept money on the Internet. You can use Paypal to pay your utility and monthly bills and subscirptions, can receive payments for products or services you offer. It takes a little time to login your Paypal account to send or receive money, review your transactions and manage your payment system easily and quickly without any hesitation.

Paypal login page

How to (Step by Step)

Open Paypal website using your favorite browser, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer and search for the "Account Login" box placed in the upper left side of the Paypal home page. Enter email address you used to sign up with Paypal in the text box "Email address."

Enter the password in the box "Paypal password." Make beyond any doubt the CAPS key is off when you enter your secret word. As you already know that passwords are case-sensitive.

After login, select what you need to view. In the box below "Go to," select if you need to view your account or view transactions history. Click the yellow "Log In" button to access your Paypal record.


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